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Our Standard Doorstop is available in a wide range of colours and in both straight & angled types. The standard angled type is 45°

Following customer requests, we now have a larger 150mm version of our Standard (Angled) Doorstop available - ideal for protecting wall-mounted lanterns against swinging doors! The angle on this version is 22½° with other angles available, please see our doorstop page for details.

Angled Doorstop from DoorstopWorld

Angled Gate stop

If in doubt, we suggest making a cardboard angle guide such as this to check your door alignment & decide on the best angle of doorstop to install. Make one for each size & angle combination that you're considering!

Doorstop Angles Shower
Doorstop Angles Shower

Doorstop Angles

Specifications subject to change & continuous improvement.