The EdgeStop Gallery

The EdgeStop was developed to meet unique customer specification and is available in the same high quality coating as our Patio Doorstop, Multistop & gatestop. Available only in white, the EdgeStop has been specially designed to meet customers' needs for a stop able to be mounted on small edges.

Doors, gates, bifolding doors, stable gates and much more can all benefit from a edgeStop. It's manufactured to the same high standards as the rest of the range so you can be confident it's up to the job but if you'd like any advice on the best stop for your particular application then don't hesitate to contact us.

The EdgeStop is sized 40mm x 40mm x 15mm including rubber, is available both with or without magnetic hold and can be bought online

The edgestop can be rotated through 90º and mounted as a Floorstop to great effect.

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EdgeStop doorstop EdgeStop
EdgeStop doorstop EdgeStop