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People are saying some great things about the doorstop. Here's just a few of the kind words we've received...

Perfect, thanks Allan - you are most helpful! Another satisfied client

Hi, just wanted to let you know, the doorstops have been fitted this morning and are really good, a great little product.
Many thanks
Anne Connolly

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Many thanks for your very speedy turn around of this order, received it the following day. As the conservatory fitters were here I got them to fit the stops, they work brilliantly, once again many thanks Regards - Richard

Thanks so much. Fantastic customer service as always. Julian


Received the doorstop and its now been fitted. Excellent service and advice by you and top product. All the best - Nobby

Just a quick line to say thanks for the swift delivery of my patio door stop. Although no cheap, this is seen in the quality of the product which matched the colour of my new bi-fold doors perfectly. Was happy to see that the magnets were black which shows less than the stainless steel version on your web site. Again, thanks for a great product which will save my doors being damaged in the winds. Thanks Jason Bird

Hello there
Sorry its taken a while but I`ve fitted the doorstop today and its absolutely perfect. heavy duty, looks good and easy to fit. The magnets are way stronger than I expected and I`m very happy with it.
Please feel free to use this as a recommendation on your site if you want to, I will be letting others know about you wherever possible
Best Regards - Paul

Thanks so much. Fantastic customer service as always. Julian

Hi Allan
Many thanks for your very speedy turn around of this order, received it the following day. As the conservatory fitters were here I got them to fit the stops, they work brilliantly, once again many

I received my order very promptly and the quality of construction is superb, thank you. I installed the doorstop yesterday as per instructions; photo attached. I can't have the stop 90mm from the bottom of the door due to it's construction. Chris James

All received and very pleased with the product.
Thanks Alan.
James Curzey

Just a quick line to say thanks for the swift delivery of my patio door stop. Although not cheap, this is seen in the quality of the product which matched the colour of my new bi-fold doors perfectly. Was happy to see that the magnets were black which shows less than the stainless steel version on your web site. Again, thanks for a great product which will save my doors being damaged in the winds. Thanks - Jason Bird

Hi Allan,
The contractor installed the door stoppers about a week ago -- LOVE them!
Easy to install and work great.
Denise Malloy

These are excellent items. I'm extremely impressed by the quality of the welding and powder coating. Moreover these are substantial and just the job. I'd recommend these to anyone with patio doors.

Next day delivery too...thanks
David Roberts

Received with thanks - first door stops installed, brilliant product makes a massive difference. The doors can left open without fear of damage. See what you mean about the magnets, they are extremely strong for their size! Kind regards - John Tinner

I've only recently got round to installing the doorstops and I'm very pleased with them. The installation was straightforward with a little forethought and using the good quality fixings supplied. The stops hold the doors open, even in quite windy conditions. Overall, you make an excellent high quality product for a sensible price. Jeff Pickles

Thank you so much for the amazing service. Door stop arrived yesterday and is on the door today. Thank for your help and guidance with the fitting too. Felicity Jay

Just fitted the magnetic door stops on the patio door. Excellent quality product and excellent fixing instructions. I am very impressed and just ordered some more. One for the garage door and a second for one of the patio doors. Magnets are amazingly strong but would prefer a second on a large patio door (80cm). Would thoroughly recommend these products. Kevin Fleet

Some 3 years after fitting your fine patio door stops I had a problem with one of the magnets. Allan was quite brilliant with prompt responses and sending a replacement the next day. Absolutely a first class product and personal service. Many thanks, Norman

Thank you for the framestops, and for your excellent service. I can confirm they are now fitted and work very well, just what we needed. Thanks for all your help Frances

Do you remember providing me with a one off door stop for my bifold doors?
Well, my daughter has just had the same doors fitted to her house and needs the same door stop as mine, same colour.
Happy Customer

Thank you for supplying and designing the perfect product. I have French doors which swing outwards against window ledges in the backyard but I needed stops which could be angled and fitted low. These are so well designed, and easy to fit. I got a pair of 72 degree angled doorstops in white. These look discrete and do just the job. Thanks. Kerry Platman

Hello Allan
Here are photos of our doorstops as promised. We are very pleased - they are exactly what we needed to prevent our doors from hitting the window sills and are excellent quality.
Thank you too for your help on the phone and your very speedy service.
Kind regards - Gilda Glithero

They are excellent - our door/window installer asked for your contact details when he saw them. Gareth

Hi Alan
Thank you for your advice - the magnets are indeed very strong! Managed to install all 3 without injury, but I can see why you warn everyone about them!
Anonymous Happy Customer :)

Some 3 years after fitting your fine patio door stops I had a problem with one of the magnets. Allan was quite brilliant with prompt responses and sending a replacement the next day. Absolutely a first class product and personal service.
Many thanks, Norman

Look forward to receiving custom doorstop.
The other two are fitted and working fine mate.(Common sense is all that's needed)
Happy DoorstopWorld Customer

Hi Allan
Really pleased with the doorstop, have attached some photos, let me know if you require anything different
Kind regards - Verina

"The magnetic stop is perfect for holding the door open, especially as reaching the hook and eye fitting is difficult due to the closeness of the wall. The multistop is the perfect insurance against a smashed window if the other door is allowed to swing back."
"Thank you for all your help and advice, it makes such a change to find a company that cares about its customers."
Warmest regards,

Hi Allan,
Door stops here (they got to the post office a couple of days ago, but I've only just got to pick them up).
They look great, thank you. Hopefully we'll get them fitted over the weekend.
Thanks for all your help and patience with this.

Really happy with the decking stop the magnets are great even though you can't see them properly on the photos
Dev Lucas

Great product. The stop I chose meant we didn't have to cut into the carpet. Quick delivery and very well made. Thanks, Mark Cox

Hello Alan,
Great service - thank you very much. Received promptly.
Regards, Mr. A.M.Scott

Hi Allan
I have took some photos and attached, great product, easy to install and does the job perfectly thanks for your help sorting me out
Thanks Ian

Absolutely chuffed - looked long and hard for a bi fold door stop in the colour and angle I needed but couldn't find anything until Allan and his team worked their magic to bespoke one for me. Fantastic, personal service, a pleasure to do business with. Laura

Hi, I fitted the doorstop yesterday and am very impressed, it's the perfect solution for our needs
I will also pass these onto the builder as they should fit these as standard!

The perfect door stop [for our bifolds] and perfectly matching colour. So easy to fit and do the job perfectly. Matt Robbins

Hi Allan
I received the magnet and magnet cover assembly, thank you. Have fitted the bracket and magnets.
And have to say it looks fantastic as the colour matches the doors perfectly and it works a treat.
Thanks for a great product and service.
Best Regards,

Hi Allen,
Doorstops arrived this morning, excellent quality, and excellent service! Many thanks,

The 45 degree unit worked perfectly and allows the widest possible opening of the door, combined with the best cushioning where it meets the rubber stop. The product does exactly what the marketing says. Superbly engineered and finished. The screw bolts provide for a very secure fitting to the wall. The rubber stop seems large enough to avoid any damage to the door skin; and compresses a lot to slow the door movement quite progressively. I had considered that a pair of stops, top and bottom, might be required to avoid twisting the door -- but, so far, I don't see a need for that. It's great to find well-thought-out products. Tim - Essex

Thanks, got them Saturday and already fitted.
No incidents with the magnets either, I kept them all well apart.
The brackets look good and work well.

Arrived this morning
Fitted this afternoon
Just what we wanted
Thank you for such a speedy service
Brian Harris

Hello Allan,
Received the door stop thank you. Superb quality bracket, fitting and instructions. Very refreshing nowadays!
Neil Morgan

Dear Allan,
I just wanted the company to know that I think the doorstops are one of the best on the market. I've order 4 this time to use on my own garden room and kitchen door. I will highly recommend this product to friends and family. I will use these doorstops on the next property I will renovate soon.
Happy Customer

Thanks again for all your help. Great product. Julia

Hi Allen,
The stops are looking great and they are much stronger than I had expected! Thank you.

Hi Allan,
I have ordered the door stop (in white) Thanks again for the personal assistance.

Hi Alan
The doorstops you supplied has been fitted - with your telephone help - and seem to do the job very well.
Another Happy Doorstopworld Client

While I was getting tools my wife fiddled with the doorstops and now one of the magnets with hole and sticky pad is broken. Please advise how I obtain a replacement.
Doorstopworld says: Please remember these magnets are incredibly powerful - we advise care at all times!

Hi Allan,
Received the doorstops this morning ( very prompt delivery) & with your instructions very easy to fit, this had given me the desired finish I have been looking for so much appreciated.
Adam Corlett

Door stop working really well. I'd like to order another doorstop for the other conservatory door. Ian Watson

I would like to say thank you for your kind and efficient help. I ordered a RED magnet door stop last week and it has been fitted today. I have been looking for weeks for such a good quality product and here I found you.... SO THANK YOU AGAIN and I will keep your contact details in case I need more. thanks Leboe - Southport UK

Thanks Alan
Your product was the only one of its type I could find anywhere. Thanks for your help.

Ben Gralton
New South Wales - Australia

What great service and advice you gave. Door stops are perfect. Judith

Your product solved a unique problem I had. Indeed, I searched the world and your product was the only one available. Dan Bärham

I just wanted to let you know that we fitted the doorstops yesterday and we are very pleased with our purchase. Both the angled and straight versions work really well.

Many thanks,

Thank you for your email and directions for installation of the door stop. I will give all of the instructions to my contractor to read before he installs them. If he has any questions, I will be in contact.
Thank you again for your help.
Cathy S
San Rafael, California

I have just received the edge stop and had to contact you to say how pleased I am with the product and how impressed I was with the delivery. I was a little hesitant at the price but can see why, now I have the product, it is a little pricey. A well thought through, exceptionally well made product. I would definitely recommend.
Many Thanks
Mr Stewart

Received goods. Many thanks.
What a great service and thanks for e-mail on how to fit.
DW - Poole

The door is aluminium and very heavy. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not supply a restrictor that would stop the door from smashing into the wall and light. I chose your angled doorstops in the hope that they would have sufficient flex to stop the door without damaging it.
My immediate impression is that my choice was correct. Although I recognise that nothing will safely stop the door if it is caught by a very strong wind, there is indeed the flex I hoped for. Additionally, are unobtrusive and look good against the white wall and alongside the white door.
Graham B

Just to let you know your product is a great idea and worked perfectly. Your multistop with the magnet on the door holds the door back lovely in the wind and your stainless steel fixing screws which will not rust and hold the bracket secure to the wall.
And it's great to see a company selling a great product. All the best for the future with your doorstops.
Chris - Holland

Good bit of British ingenuity to overcome the problem of 'French doors' now in set where patio doors used to be... save the door hinges taking the brunt when the doors swing open on the wind. Dan

They say the simple ideas are the best and this is a classic example. Easy to fit it does exactly what it says on the can, an excellent product with excellent service what more can you ask for. I would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends . Tim C

The parcel arrived today. Thanks.
The brackets look nice and strong.
Ziad - Surrey

Great product, exactly what I wanted. Had spent some time searching online and couldn't find anything else like it in design, or in the right colour to match my French window style patio doors. Very helpful supplier, they made me a pair of doorstops angled to fit my doors when fully open, and they do the job perfectly. Polite and courteous, and quick delivery."

We saw this in the Stableyard section and think it's a fantastic product - we're happy to recommend it! - The Findmetherighthorse team

Just what I was looking for to stop my garage side gate from banging in the wind. Many thanks for the advice regards fixings too, much appreciated. DuncanR - Liverpool

Very satisfied with my new doorstop,my husband is over the moon as he no longer has to hold the door open as I bring in the shopping. Unlike my old door my new one wont get bashed again..In my opinion A VERY WORTHY PRODUCT!!!!!many many thanks

I bought a pair of black patio door stops from you and have been delighted with the results and quality of product. I have bi fold patio doors that tend to blow shut when windy.Tim Gale

Great Product!Jim Miller - Louisville - USA

Hi Allan,
Thanks for the info, you'll be pleased to know the said doorstop is now fixed correctly to the wall using the size 7 masonry drill bit, brown rawl plug and the 2 stainless steel fixing screws.....which are solidly fixed, thanks to my 10mm socket thingy! So now you can add to your website that they are so simple, even a woman can fit them and you can now go off and enjoy your few days away safe in the knowledge that you you haven't got to come and put the job right on your return. Thanks again for your very speedy delivery and help.... ps, have spoken to my friend in xxxx Avenue and she will no doubt be placing an order for the same, in white, but I can guarantee she won't be up for fitting it like me, she'll be getting her husband to do it!!!
Carla - Southport

Thank goodness I found this website and bought a doorstop, after the builders had been in the restraining bar on my door was ready for snapping. Very pleased with quality and quick delivery, certainly will buy again and recommend to my friends.
What a good idea.

Hi Doorstop World!
I just want to say a big thank-you for my new doorstop which I've fitted in my new bathroom. What a brilliant design, delivery was quick and your instructions were really helpful. Thanks once again and I'm just looking round to see where else I can fit some more in my home.
Kind regards Lindsey from Lancashire

Many thanks for your email and fitting instructions. The doorstops are exactly what we needed for our patio doors and well worth the price. Thanks again, Regards, Ben

Just wanted to say thanks, I saw your advert on a local website and thought to myself THIS IS THE JUST PRODUCT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Over the last three years due to high winds and the kids leaving front door open I have replaced my door frame once and the handle twice on my patio door at great cost as it is not covered by my insurance. Your invention as simple as it is, it isn't overpriced and it works a treat. And looks a lot better than my own invention. (a brick wrapped in underlay) thanks again. Mr T. Richardson.

What an excellent product, strong, sturdy and smart looking, it takes the strain of my doors restraining arm really well. With three kids constantly in and out forgetting to close the door it is exactly what I needed for peace of mind with my new patio doors. I fully recommend this product to anyone.

I've been searching for a black doorstop for my garage doors with genuine quality and I've now found it. The best there is around. Thanks from Tony, happy customer

Thanks for the fast delivery, the doorstops are as sturdy as you said & stood up really well to the abuse in our warehouse. We've ordered another 5 for the site gates - Baby Products

Ideal product Allan, I bent my double-glazed door's restraining arm several times before I found you. So far it's doing the trick nicely. - Thanks from JackC, Florida, USA.

I would just like to thank you for a great product, exactly what I wanted. I had looked online for many hours for something to protect my brand new White Rock Door from opening too far and catching on my brick wall. I thought I had failed, until that is, I came across your product. Also, something else you don't find very much of these days, a very helpful supplier. The angled doorstop was the one I ordered to fit my door when fully open, and it does the job perfectly. Polite, courteous, and quick delivery. An excellent after sales customer service. I will have no hesitation in recommending this Company and their product. - regards Mrs Gillian Jackson

Living on the coast we experience high winds on a regular basis, meaning that our patio doors quite often slam into the walls. These patio doorstops have stopped this from happening, straight away. We've fitted them to two different sets of doors at different angles. With two children it's also reassuring to know that there's no danger of them trapping their hands. Paul, delighted customer, Crosby.

Hi Doorstopworld. Just to say the package arrived just fine and being able to get one in brown matched my conservatory perfectly. It's stopped the damage I was getting to the wooden conservatory doors and doesn't look out of place. Thanks again for the help. - Thanks DaveT - Edinburgh

Glad I found you, that black doorstop was just the ticket for stopping the yard gate swinging back in the winds. So far it's stood up to our -20° winter just fine! - EricM, Toronto, Canada.

Dear doorstop world,
Just a quick message to say thank you very much for the quick and professional service you gave me. The product itself is fantastic. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you once again.
Riccardo Chiesa

Thanks for suggesting this for me... a great product and I won't have to worry about my door getting bashed again! Trevor, Southport

Ordered and received my two door stops in the same day.
Excellent friendly service. Just the right items for my new conservatory doors. Thank you
- Don G, Southport

Many thanks for your email and fitting instructions. The doorstops are exactly what we needed for our patio doors and well worth the price. Thanks again, Regards, Ben

The roomstop has worked great for my oak doors, I was afraid to use any door stop for fear of damage but the your design has never mark the doors once. Great product. Thanks Jonathan, London

Hi Doorstop World
Thank you, you have saved me a lot of time and money with your angled doorstop. After seeing the angled doorstop on your site I just knew it was the right thing to get. The previous so called doorstop just didn't do the job. The instructions, speed of delivery, the quality of the product is so good it doesn't damage my door. I am recommending this product to my friends.
Michael Collins

Just like to say what a great product, the small white doorstop fitted well in my porch, was impressed with the white silicone stop, has not marked my door at all. Thanks again Robert, Merseyside

You ought to know that the doorstops are absolutely perfect - just what i was looking for.
Many thanks,

We love to hear your comments & reviews on our range of doorstops so please let us know what you think & how you're using them. We'd love to have your photos of doorstops in-situ to use on the site too - just email them to info@doorstopworld.com

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