Our standard doorstops are available in white, black & brown.

A version with an angled doorstop is also available in white & brown.


Quite often, patio doors will be left open with people leaving and entering the house.

Whilst patio doors are open, strong gusts of wind can fling the doors, forcing them into the outside wall. This can damage the brickwork or the door itself.

The patio doorstop is easy to install. The user just chooses how far they would like the door to open, then screws the doorstop into place using the two wall screws.

The patio door can now be freely left open without the worry of it being damaged.

Angled Patio doorstop Angled Gate stop
The angled version of the patio doorstop The angled Patio & Gate doorstop

The above photographs of the angled doorstop in-situ courtesy of a delighted customer. Pleased to be able to help!
"Great product, exactly what I wanted. Had spent some time searching online and couldn't find anything else like it in design, or in the right colour to match my French window style patio doors. Very helpful supplier, they made me a pair of doorstops angled to fit my doors when fully open, and they do the job perfectly. Polite and courteous, and quick delivery."

We now have a 150mm extra-strong version of our Standard (Angled) Doorstop available - ideal for protecting wall-mounted lanterns against swinging doors!